Dell studio has died. Most probably its the motherboard.

not sure what to do with it now.

it was just fine.. all of a sudden ..

6 years.


just sad that it died.


booting windows on different hardware using iSCSI

This one was one hell of a problem I ever worked on. Took me almost 2 years to get around it. Solved it a month back, got time to write today.

Think of this:

1 iscsi target, 1 windows image to serve on tftp. Multiple nodes that boot from it. It will work fine until all the nodes have exact same config. Change network card of 1 and it will fail to boot. Its fine. Windows needs network adapter to boot over iscsi and if there is no driver for this different adapter then it will die. Makes sense.

Problem was, even after installing different drivers [which is not_so_straight_forward_either ] Windows won’t boot. There are some LWF [Light weight Filter] binding issues that won’t let it happen. Theoretically, if you get rid of these bindings, it should work. Took a long time to realize all the parts of it.

and I was able to boot over iscsi even after changing n/w adapter ! So, here are my notes, might save one’s time. There are products like CCBoot that have solved this problem already but all of these tools are commercial.

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There are 2-3 kittens in my mom-dad’s school (its a school for deaf & dumb children).

Those kittens run around in school, any class, any where. They play with each other, kids love playing with them too.

We usually talk to our pets.. you know.. like we do. and today my mom did the same when kittens came near her.

but seeing her lip movements confused a 12 year old in her class.

He asked my mom if those kittens are talking to her.


Doesn’t sound like a big thing ? but I grew up with deaf and dumb children around. I played with them, I talked to them (in sign language) every time I went to my mom’s school, which was like everyday when I was in primary school. I have heard, even experienced countless number of things about them for like 20 years now.

and this was the most innocent thing I ever heard about them.


Thought to share.

AAAAAAAAAAA yourself !

I’ve been playing many new games off late. After quite long time I’ve enjoyed gaming so much..

Torchlight.. heck! It was awesomeness. Metal Drift is fun ! Serious Sam HD : The First Encounter is something I was really really waiting for. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOL ! it freaked me out when I first heard it. Glad I found this game. and now Super Laser Racer.. Also played old LionKing yesterday.
Not to mention I have UT installed. Its one obligatory installation anyway.

games games games 😀 many new games installed and I have choices. Friend come over sometime and I play desktop vs laptop with him. Soccer and NFS 5.

Feels so good ^_^

still waiting for Blur.

awwwww guess what I just remembered ! Someone has Star Wars Force Unleashed + Ultimate Sith Edition Patch……..

Apurva 😀 😀