There are 2-3 kittens in my mom-dad’s school (its a school for deaf & dumb children).

Those kittens run around in school, any class, any where. They play with each other, kids love playing with them too.

We usually talk to our pets.. you know.. like we do. and today my mom did the same when kittens came near her.

but seeing her lip movements confused a 12 year old in her class.

He asked my mom if those kittens are talking to her.


Doesn’t sound like a big thing ? but I grew up with deaf and dumb children around. I played with them, I talked to them (in sign language) every time I went to my mom’s school, which was like everyday when I was in primary school. I have heard, even experienced countless number of things about them for like 20 years now.

and this was the most innocent thing I ever heard about them.


Thought to share.

There are 2-3 k…

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