Starting today, 16-July-2012

5th semester.. last one for this course.. 5 months..

lectures, practicals, assignments, bunk-and-run-home, canteen, (probably new friends), fun.. etc..

job is still On. Will be working+colleging.

In Ratnagiri for few months.. awesomeness 🙂


… just that.. with many good things mentioned above.. something crap has to follow..


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Hi !

well.. it all started on 1st of June. I returned from exam. Probability and Statistics.. ashamed.. because of what I had done there and I knew am gonna fail for sure. Provided there is no Mumbai-University-Magic 😛

I was thinking whats next.. a year drop for sure but can’t afford wasting an year.. so.. Job !

What I have right now as qualification is .. well.. pretty much.. Nothing ! I am still a commerce guy till I finish my MCA 😦 but I was confident that there will be something because I can code 😀

I went to page once again. Had solved the challenge almost an year ago.. when friend showed it to me. Had done it in as well.. using interfaces and stuff.. and Haskell too !

I was browsing contents and I noticed that gtalk widget on site started showing Navin as Away. Pinged him, got response really quick.. then had a little chat.. explained whats the problem.. what I want.. why I want etc.. He said fine.. send me your challenge code and resume.. Lets see..

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Convert image to string

Convert image to base64 encoded string and vice versa. Like Resource.resx file does. Can be used with settings file.

    Private Sub saveImageToSettings()
        My.Settings.imageSettingAsString = getBase64String(PictureBox1.Image)
    End Sub

    Private Sub getImageFromString()
        PictureBox1.Image = getImageFromBase64String(My.Settings.imageSettingAsString)
    End Sub

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Make application UAC Aware

you need to make your application UAC compliant so that it will ask user to grant your application Administrator access.

To make your application UAC compliant,

Double Click My Project in Solution Explorer and Click UAC Settings button as shown in image.

Then Modify app.manifest file as shown below. Make it ‘requireAdministrator’ instead of ‘asInvoker’ and save.

My Geocities Page

Everyone knows.. Geocities is closing today..

I got to about computers when I was in 5th,  nothing much but few basic things … uncle bought one when I was in 7th.. got to play with it that time..  got my own PC after 10th and dial up internet after an year… must be in august 2004 when I was in 11th.

why introduction ? 😛 am going to share URL of my 1st webpage on internet, which was on geocities 😛 I already said I was a n00b… bare with it 😛

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