Hi !

well.. it all started on 1st of June. I returned from exam. Probability and Statistics.. ashamed.. because of what I had done there and I knew am gonna fail for sure. Provided there is no Mumbai-University-Magic πŸ˜›

I was thinking whats next.. a year drop for sure but can’t afford wasting an year.. so.. Job !

What I have right now as qualification is .. well.. pretty much.. Nothing ! I am still a commerce guy till I finish my MCA 😦 but I was confident that there will be something because I can code πŸ˜€

I went to page once again. Had solved the challenge almost an year ago.. when friend showed it to me. Had done it in as well.. using interfaces and stuff.. and Haskell too !

I was browsing contents and I noticed that gtalk widget on site started showing Navin as Away. Pinged him, got response really quick.. then had a little chat.. explained whats the problem.. what I want.. why I want etc.. He said fine.. send me your challenge code and resume.. Lets see..

Then next 3 days went in some basic info communication.. and then he said he wants to talk to me on phone. like a phone interview.Β  If that goes well.. then next step. Actually he had shown my submission to some companies [he figured where can I fit based on my earlier chat and submission, resume].

Then there was a phone call. Wasn’t anything technical in it though. Also.. went well and he asked me when can I meet him. All this happened within 8 days since I first talked to him. Most suitable day to meet was Monday[13th June]. So.. I went to Pune on Saturday itself. Rain and all that you know..

Finally met him on Monday. There were technical questions at first and then some general talk. and it was really really great. I succeeded impressing him enough πŸ™‚ He had planned my other interviews as well. He told me my schedule and I was off to Coriolis. He dropped me actually, did not go there by myself πŸ˜›

In Coriolis.. met Mr. Basant Rajan. CEO of Coriolis. Amazing guy. Didn’t ask me anything technical.. he said Navin has done it.. no need anymore.. it was just about company.. type of work etc.. it was cool.

Then I left to Touchmagix. and that interview did not go well at all ! Very first question was.. there is a ball.. if it gets a hit.. it should move with direction of force applied.. derive the equation for its movement.. I was blank 😐

He gave me a clue. (y2-y1/x2-x1) * tan^-1 yeah ! equation to get slope of line. but when I saw he wrote tan^-1 there.. I knew I won’t getting in this company. I just said I dunno this stuff. Then he asked something about Physics. Meh! Physics ! I dunno that either πŸ˜› Commerce Graduate man.. I was in wrong place. Did not waste time there then. I mean he did not waste time and showed me the door right away πŸ˜› Was polite though.. Genius guy.


I called back Navin.. no. Dr.Navin [by this time I came to know he’s done PhD !] He had a meeting.. so he said he’ll call back later. Later in the evening I got his call and I told him I think Coriolis seems fit for me. So.. he said.. go ahead.. all the best !

Then I talked to Mr. Basant once again. Talked about joining date and offer letter etc. and .. that was it ! I had a confirmed job in hands on Monday evening. only 13days after I started seeking for it.

got offer later yesterday. Joining from this Monday.. that is 20th June.

Now about this company.

Its in Aundh. Deals with Kernel stuff.. both Linux and Windows.. and its all about storage. Filesystems.. encrypted filesystems … etc.. Along with that they also have a product developed. and its about virtualization. I won’t be working on this stuff from Monday. Thats obvious. I’ll be working with Python πŸ™‚ No.. not snakes !!! πŸ˜› [old joke.. I know.. couldn’t resist :-P]

and about package.. well.. its alot more than what I need to make nice living in city like Pune πŸ˜€

will be staying in Kothrud, with my schoolmate, Tushar,his elder bro and one more friend. Ratnagirikars πŸ˜‰ and its ~20mins away from job location.

That’s all about my first interview and first job !

oh, I missed.. about MCA. yes, I’ll finish my last sem when I am eligible for it. Not gonna let it go πŸ™‚

One more thing I must mention. I can’t Thank enough Dr.Navin Kabra for his help. Its really an amazing initiative from punetech and really should be followed by more. I know I wouldn’t even get through these initial filters like 60% avg marks.. no kts.. no drops and what not. but this way was great. There wasn’t even apti ! These people judged me by my code. Yeah ! Thats how it should work.

I remember I had written this job letter during Fy-MCA Communication Skills lecture.

Dear Sir,

I can code, please hire me.



so that works in reality too !


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