Windows Search Index Reader

Hi !

Few days ago one of my good friends, Ishan lost alot of his data when his 1TB external hdd fell from desk. Sad 😦

There are almost no chances of getting his data back. Today he found he had indexed his entire external hard disk on his computer….  fine, he can’t have his data back but there are some hopes to know what all he has lost !

I quickly derived a very simple app from Windows Search SDK code samples that lists all the entries in a DataGridView and gave him but it was pain to see whole file list in table. So made this thing.

It will also show indexed files in Explorer like view. Again, note that its just an index, not the true files. Its only to tell him what all was there so that he can try to get those things back from other sources 🙂

well, it looks like this ->

Either List All the entries from index. Or put some keyword in textbox and get filtered results.

Once you get results in DatGridView, you can click Explorer View to generate explorer like view of returned results.

You can download it and its source code [C#] from my skydrive –



  1. I download your source code and build it with vs2017 successfully. It runs just like the screenshot.
    Do you have any idea about adding a path to windows indexing ?

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