My Geocities Page

Everyone knows.. Geocities is closing today..

I got to about computers when I was in 5th,  nothing much but few basic things … uncle bought one when I was in 7th.. got to play with it that time..  got my own PC after 10th and dial up internet after an year… must be in august 2004 when I was in 11th.

why introduction ? 😛 am going to share URL of my 1st webpage on internet, which was on geocities 😛 I already said I was a n00b… bare with it 😛

will upload saved screenies after geocities closes 😦

had forgotten about this page completely.. it was like I never had it.. but now its gonna get deleted.. I dont want that to happen 😦


my page is funny though.. ;))

Update: In Backups I found these URLs, with all the login details too..  <<Please open in IE if Javascript doesn’t work 😛


Update 2:

Okay.. here’s Geocities screenshot..

"My Epic Homepage"



  1. lol !! Really enjoyed those !! 😉

    This statement is the funniest – “I’m 18 yrs old.I born on 10/09/1987.i.e.I’m 17yrs old.” 😉

    final verdict :

    1. U r/were a game addict !! 🙂

    2. U r/were a Microsoft Windows die-hard fan…

    btw, I too made a so called site on the 50webs – (keep ur speakers on ! Also if u r able to recognize the song during the intro part do let me know.. 😉 I have totally forgotten about it)

    unfortunately, i have lost the login details of the site 😦

    anyways, how’s life buddy ?

  2. hehehe, even I was laughing when I read that 18years-17years old thing.. LOL !

    I was a game addict for sure.. dont get time these days..

    Windows thing was made after a war that happened on chip-india forum. Linux vs Windows n00b wars, lol ! Me and officialblueboys on windows side, Vaibhav Kaushal and few others on Linux’s side.

    your page is much colorful btw ^_^

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