My Awesomest b’day :D

Hi !

Its my bday today. Many friends smsed me on 00:00AM, few called. Many called in the morning and I was getting smses too.. and yes! my orkut scrapbook is full of wishes too ! but.. there was missing something… none of my MCA classmates had wished me 😦

Then in afternoon I got a call and one of them, Nilesh asked me to come over friend’s place for some project work. When I went there, they instantly started talking about project work. I was almost sure that they have forgotten my bday. then another frind,Atul asked me to come in another room and he started computer there. I was standing there only, I then thought to get that game’s cd I had left in hall, I went in hall and there Priyanka was setting a cake !!

I was like.. no I cant express that. I only had heard about surprise bday parties…heck I never had celebrated my bday this way before. I mean with cake and these things. but here this cake was for me !! it was real !! and I cant resist saying it, THE CAKE WASNT A LIE ! It was so awesome 😀 😀 That was one happiest moment I cant forget. I’m still thinking about that.  Atul,Priyanka,Nilesh and Megha.. they ROCK ! \m/

am soooo happy. Never had imagined it to be like this. Thanks guys 🙂

and yes ! Atul,Priyanka,Nilesh and Megha.. they ROCK !!


  1. Hi, Happy birthday, I hope you have a better life than before, give thanks to God for this new year in your body jejejejejeje, God bless you today tomorrow and always..

    By : Melvin

  2. U did not write about our night conversation before your birthday…that u asked me “Tumhi koni orkut daily check karat nahi ka ….blah blah blah.. That was the main drama

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