Goodbye Old Buddy !

After serving for 6 long years, its now time to say Goodbye to my old smps. I never expected it to work so long… Its just a 250w smps from some company called ‘Enhance’. On 12v rail it gives 15amp I guess. I dont remember exactly.

Never had issues with it. Once I was running with 1dvd writer + 1 dvd rom + 1 lg cd writer + Fx5200 agp and a WD ATA hdd + regular stuff. It was still going fine.. that was ~2 years ago..

Now things are changed. It has grown very old 😦 ……

some weeks ago I was irritated by strange behavior of my desktop. USB devices used to stop working after 5 minutes. I did some checks and found it to be SMPS thats causing the problem… Since I dont want to spend on desktop anymore, I decided to go with it until it stops working completely. I reduced load. Only a harddisk and agp, keyboard and 1 usb device == mouse. It worked for some days.. my PC crashes if I connect more than 1 usb devices !

Today it got worse.. Processor fan spins step by step. zoom-pause-zoom-pause-zoom-pause-zoom-pause.. like that.. I get errors like Primary HDD failed very frequently. Erros vanish as soon as I connect to different power cable. Works fine for an hour and again it fails.

I shouldnt trouble it much. It deserves a peaceful death.

My sincere Thanks to this little box for serving me this long without any trouble 🙂

[I dont care if you think this is stupid]



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