Dell Rocks !

Hi !

Day before yesterday I wake up at morning and I strarted my laptop. To my surprise, my display was completely disturbed. I tried restarting, reseting.. checking options in dell recovery software etc.. but heck! it was fading over time… and after ~15mins it was completely dark ! I was gone mad, I was feeling like killing someone. I mean WTF did I do to it ? Nothing !

Then I settled down…. called Dell.. damn my landline phone had to die day before.. I had to call dell from mobile.. 30 mins STD call and call rate is 2.50Rs/min..but in those 30mins, that techy guy asked me few questions.  asked me to do some tests.. I gave him result codes and he said Ok, we’re sending you new LCD, what is your address ?

All this happened just day before yesterday and right now am on my own laptop with new LCD in it and writing this blog post. LCD screen was replaced for free btw 😀

anyway, me = happy since lappy is back to life.. was using it with CRT for 2 days.. very very frustrating…

added pictures on flickr.

cya !

and Dell Customer Service Rocks !


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