i’m getting bored when i’m home. dont feel like doing anything….

same UT99- same Windows Vista -same VS2008 -Same playlist of songs and same Ubuntu …. and again … no one to talk with… i’m sick of it…

( addition to that, my internet connection gone mad for last 3-4 days… 😦 )



  1. This is an attempt to contact all old members of chip forums. Chip forums is now acquired by tech2 and has implemented a lot of improvements on the forums. The site admin is more responsive and interactive with the members. We as members are working alongwith mods to revive the former glory of the forums and making the best of it by calling the senior (Read: respected) members. I have read the boycott thread myself but neo_natasha and Jayesh (our new site admin) worked very hard to get the forum back to its former glory. I, as a member, will be glad if you can drop in the forums every once in a while. We can get every help we can get- but this time there’s change that is happening. The link is

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