Operation AGP….

Hiya People !

I’m quite busy with college n stuff…

just did some creepy thingi to make my old agp work for desktop… working quite well till now .. 🙂

I have fx5500 agp. Its fan died a few months ago so I was using onboard gfx.. but I couldnt just see my working card lying … thought I should get a new fan.. when asked my vendor he gave some Mx440’s heatsink. Its fitting over my GPU but its fan too not working 😦 at first I had to cut its wire and connect my old [dead] fan’s wire to it. Mx440’s PiN is too small to plug in my agp’s fan pin..
wasted few hours testing this fan on that and that fan on this blah blah blah… at last connected that Mx440’s fan wires to my Nokia charger… but that too didnt work… thought that fan too is already dead..
so… got this wicked idea… putting my old CPU fan over card’s heatsink and plug that fan into mobo’s chassis fan pic :P. Thats working fine for now 🙂

a few images…



  1. I SHOULD do this. My 6600’s fan died about a year ago!! It frikkin burns @ 91 C. :\

    But haven’t got my lazy ass to implement this idea. Have a spare fan too.

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