Lappy !

hey all !

I got a laptop at last. Received it just today.

Its Dell Studio 15 and specs are-

  • T8100 2.1Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 3 gig RAM
  • 250 gig HDD
  • 15.4″ Screen
  • Ati Radeon Mobility 3450 HD 256mb card
  • Slot Loading optical drive. [DVD RW]
  • Rest of the thigns like wifi,bluetooth, Media Remote Control, 2 MP integrated web cam etc…

Got Creative EP-630 Earphones and a backpack for free 🙂

In addition, I have got 1 year full accidental cover too !

I’ve  uploaded pics on flickr,orkut,facebook… check them out..

In other news, my sem is about to end. I’m busy with submissions. Nothing much …

will try to update later ..

cya !



  1. Hi Omkar,

    congrats for the laptop !! nice lappy … 🙂 saw the pics on flickr…

    if u don’t mind can u tell me the price….??

    I am also planning to buy one but a little confused betwn Lenovo and Dell… :-/

    And also any suggestions abt “NVIDIA GeForce 9300M 256MB” ?? is it worth going for ?? m not a hardcore gamer but would like to play some games though 😉


  2. Thanks Sapan. It costed me Rs.55,864/-
    Go for the Best… that is Dell 😉 Full Accidental cover is something you wont wanna miss 🙂

    I dunno much about hardware 😦 I read some reviews n seems 9300m == 8400mGS. and I dont think any notebook is offering it right now… all are still with 8600mGT. Dell Studio 17 has an option for 86 but its quite expensive. Ati 3450 seems a fair deal but I dont think it can handle BIG titles like Crysis.. RPGs,TPS should run smooth though.

  3. Hi Omkar,

    thanks for the info… I was also closing in on Dell Studio but found out that it was released in June-July (read it somewhere), so was a little bit of confused. thought that i shudn’t take chances 😉 and go for a model which has stood the test of time.. but now i think i can take it back in consideration.. 🙂

    anyway 9300m is offered in the Thinkpad SL series in Lenovo.. but that too i think they have started in US, i cudn’t find it in the Indian site.. moreover Lenovo is not customisable here….

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