First day in college….

hiya !

It was my first day today in nuuu college. yeah! my MCA course college started today.

new college-new campus-new classmates-new subjects-new teachers in short.. new life πŸ˜€

well this college campus aint really new for me. I’ve been there before. I attended Brainwaves 2008 in last March i.e college’s tech fest kinda event.

I see new faces in class though. Already started talking with 3 new guys.. heh! moron finally spoke with someone :p I think i’ll get little social during this course… class seems cool !

Subjects… I know C, web technology things… [bah! we even have to study HTML], I know Economics..even know that it sucks [lol!], but few subjects _are_ new to me. geesh that Maths ! and 2 therotical subjects are there… will cover it somehow.. no worries πŸ˜€

New teachers….. i know one of them since last 10 years :p Ghanekar Sir used to live near my house when I was kid. He knows me,my dad, my family everyone… he’ll be teaching us C programming. Few more teachers.. unknown… kinda cool… umm.. ok-ok type. and last but not least, Economics teacher. some Mahesh Marathe guy…. phew! that guy is great! On first lecture he asked us [local students] about Ratnagiri-famous places-hotels-foods in Ratnagiri. He was only fooling around…… I was actually stunned seeing him… he looks like Mr.47 ! [yup! Hitman series πŸ˜‰ ]

I also met few school friends there. Its gonna be fun since I’ll meet them everyday now.

but I didnt like canteen. my favourite- Misal… not even fair taste 😦 I’ll carry tiffin from tomorrow.

overall, I cant wait for tomorrow :p for the first time its happening like this… me n eager to see college .. ! heh! someone’s dream came true hehe … most probably moms :p

cya now.. little tired… not used to attend college for whole day… I used to return home after 1st lecture when was doing bcom… things gonna go different this time…

cya ! gn !!

just realised I’m gonna miss something for sure. well, I wont be able to live online like I used to for last 3.5 months…. I’ll miss my best buddies.. 😦



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