hiya !! :-D

hiya !

2 new things to say…

I got admission for MCA… so.. heh! nothing more to say…

and most important, today I met my best online [and offline too :D] friend… Apurva.

All good things happening to me… started all of a sudden hehe ! I remember on 28th I almost had forgotten about MCA admissions. I was very tired of admissions stuff. was nervous too since I didnt get seat in first 2 rounds. I had no hopes for 3rd round. I was making myself ready to have a drop… but that day mom came and asked me what happened to 3rd round vacant seats list… then I checked for available seats and voila ! 1156 seats were vacant and my overall rank was 806. thought I shouldnt leave this chance… so I decided to move to Mumbai.

hehe ! see what happens when you decide all of a sudden… I had to travel like this for 4-5 hours .. then my back started paining.. eeeewwww…..

then attended round the next day.. that is yesterday.. and today morning sat in train… headed home ofcourse… when I was near Apurva’s city’s station.. thought to Buzz her… and guess what… she replied she’s on station only ! what else.. was too excited to meet her … atlast.. that happened today morning…:D

then umm… nothing much… reached home at 3 pm… had called dad when I was ~30mins away from my city.. told him to return home.. when I reached home.. I threw my bag on bed, took the documents… headed to marked.. made xerox copies … but that ate much of my time… had to reach college in 7 mins.. then… ? I rode my bike at the speed of only 90kmph with dad sitting on backseat šŸ˜› … yea.. got scolded too :-\ lekin… chalta hai šŸ˜€

reached college… filled up forms… confirmed my seat…

hehe! dunno how but today all my works went just smooth … [yea @90kmph.. uni is still smooth :D] …

for now I’m one happiest man on earth šŸ˜€

and happiest man needs lil sleep now.. so bye for now.. gn !



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