My New Schedule ….

Hi !

a few updates :-

MCA admission seems difficult this year for me. I’ve submitted option form for CAP 2nd round yesterday, 2nd allotment list will arrive tomorrow,at 5pm. Hoping to hear something good.

Load shedding has increased to 7 hours,daily, since today and load shedding timings have made it even worse. Now it will be 2 times a day. 9.30AM to 1PM and then 4.30PM to 8PM. well, we should change with time… nah ? so here’s my new schedule WEF tomorrow,

2.30AM to 12.30PM sleep. wakeup at 12.30 PM

12.30PM to 1.00 PM brush,tea.. etc…

1.00PM to 4.30PM check dailytech,digg,/.,mails,orkut etc..

4.30PM to 6.00PM Read newspaper,have lunch

6.00PM to 7.45PM Gym. On sundays I might hang out with friends.

8.00PM to 2.00AM Use pc. Programming,games,internet and stuff… daily use..

2.00AM to 2.30AM dinner.

2.30AM to 12.30PM Sleep. ~10hrs.. kinda ok for me

I’ll now have to buy new head-phones it seems…

and I think I’ll get a lappy very soon. If I get a lappy… I’ll get friggin 9cell batteries * 2. Then only I can live like a normal human being 🙄



  1. LOL!! Sorry about the load shedding buddy, but we here in Bangalore too are facing the power crisis.

    6.30 – 7.30 AM
    10.30 – 11.30 AM
    2.30 – 3.30 PM
    7.30 – 8.30 PM
    10.30 – 11.30 PM
    5 hours of “downtime”. 😦

    Re-think your schedule. Being awake through the night ain’t exactly good for your health. Sleep through the load shedding hours, eat and necessities during the outage. PC – rest of the time! 😉 That’s what I do. (although it has fucked up my downloads)

    And about your MCA – all the best buddy. I hope you get in some good college. 🙂

  2. hey santosh, if I follow that schedule, mom-dad will kick me out of home.. dont worry.. me not gonna follow that…

    and about MCA.. Thanks for wishing me luck but I didnt get in any college 😦

    (its friggin theme thats causing it 😦 I’ll change it very soon :D)

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