Me tagged !

Hola !

Apurva and Preshit both has tagged me so here’s my list 🙂

4 Jobs I’ve Had (in chronological order)

worked with my computerwala. my job was to install games on pcs and teach those n00bs how to play.

^only job I ever had and I gave it up a few months ago,.

4 Places I’ve Lived (in order)

I’m in Ratnagiri since I was born 🙂

4 TV Shows I Like

Tom n Jerry show,

woodey woodpecker show,

Popeye show,

anything related to Cricket !

4 Favorite Foods



and any kinda veg rice …. except that south indian ‘MissibhilliAnna’ [sorry for spelling :P]

4 Places I’d Rather Be

Silicon Valley

no match for Ratnagiri otherwise :-\

4 People I’m Tagging

oh god ! I cant tag Apurva, Preshit,Santosh,Subbu,Sathya… pandu… all are already tagged 😦

sheesh! I’ll tag some as soon as I find some… 🙄



  1. Haha.. You coud’ve still tagged somebody 😛 That’s what [xubz] did! 😉

    All this tag game is nothing but an opportunity to get link backs! 😛

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