Hi !

My cousins are here from Nagpur n Aurangabad. They wanted to see all famous places here and insisted me to join them. At first I didnt wanna go but later had to accept. Only reason to be upset was that freggin ST-Bus. I hate that engine noise+window noise and that typical dirty odor :-\ Well, everyone stood against me and kicked me out of home.

I have seen all the places I saw today ~10times each. Pavas and Ganpatipule, 2 most famous places nearby,I have been there for atleast ~25times each so was soooo nervous to visit them all again…

We started at 9 am. We were supposed to be on ST Stand at 9am and at 8.40, we were still at home, just coz of me :p well…. I slept at 4am last night. couldnt wake up early 😦 all were cursing me…thinking I am doing it coz I dont want to go… but at last… somehow,after cheating with 1 auto-rikshaw driver [:p] we reached on time πŸ˜€ 1st place to visit was Pavas. Pavas is actually a birth place of Swami Swarupananda. some Lakh visitors come to Ratnagiri just to visit Pavas. I couldnt get any snap of this place. It wasnt allowed in temple and no way to take one from outside 😦

Then we went to Ganeshgule… by now all my nervousness was gone coz of my lovely cousins πŸ™‚ See my flickr. I have uploaded all pics of these places there πŸ™‚ played for some time on beach. Here’s one awesome beach ! have a look !

now Airtel started giving problems…I wanted to tweet but could tweet for very few times 😦 [I can sue Airtel on this, they say their network is everywhere but heck! it was NOT 😐 ]

Then we came back to city. visited Thiba Palace. This was the place where Britishars imprisoned King Thiba. Now there are few mages,chairs like things from his time. Then went to see aquarium. They have skeleton of a whale which was found dead years ago on Ratnagiri sea coast. Also got to see some new kinds of fish.

There’s one fort in my city too ! from a few places of this fort, you see nothing but only blue sea..u cant even guess horizon sometimes ! just_awesome ! no other words.

Headed to see late Bal. Gangadhar Tilak’s birthplace located in the heart of the city,Tilak lane.

Aare-Ware point is one of the best places of the world. checkout the pics. and this video.

I’m sure you remembered your GF/BF just now and decided to visit this place atleast once with him/her πŸ˜›

Then went to Malgund for Lunch. ate pure kokani style stuff. cousins loved it! well, anyone would ! πŸ™‚

There’s one small village setuped and called as Ancient Konkan. They have shown ancient lifestyle on Kokani people in this village, built on 3acres of land. nothing new for me. I hated this part at most 😐

Then went to see Late.Krishnaji Keshav Damale’s [ AKA Keshavsut, one of the greatest poet in Marathi literature ] memorial. Re-read his poems there.

Then my most favourite part of the trip, Karadeshwar temple. just checkout this video.. this place is great! there is NO other sound than of sea waves. a small shore of water nearby and shade of trees all the time. Breezes were giving me feel like I’m in heaven ! If I get internet connection at this place, I’m ready to move to this place at no other conditions. Best place I have ever seen !

After that we went to Jaigad dock. took a ferry boat round in sea. Saw some really big fishes from deep sea jumping/playing.

Last destination- Ganpatipule. was surprised after seeing huge crowd there. I mean there’s no festival etc going on .. still…… thousands of people … !! saw lots of chicks :p pretty unusual treat for my eyes :p had to return back early coz of less time……

still dunno how come 1 day faded away so fast…. had fun !



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