Preparing to live without electricity for 72 hours :| -Updated


From this time I wont start like … writing after sooo long….or like that 😀 I always write after soooo long :p

Well, from tonight at 12,MSEDC employees are going on strike for 72 hours. AFAIK ten unions (out of 27) will go on strike to press for their demands of opposing the franchisee system and the implementation of pension scheme. I also have heard that some Konkan…. something named union is NOT supporting this strike. I guess [and hope] its from our region :p

If strike happens in our city too then what will I do ? OMG! thats one of the biggest fear for me :s I dont do anything else than computing.I’ll go to college-class-gym but what can I do in remaining time? homework? hut! i’m not so stupid :p hehe… umm… i think i’ll read some interesting books or may be i’ll go sleep 😀

So, [may be] no chip, no tv,no music,no downloadings at late night,no online sessions of Midtown Madness 2 and NO chatting for 3 days 😦 I’m gonna miss my Yahoo! buddies :((

bye for now.


Seems like management kicked union’s a$$. They took their strike back without a heck! anyways. . I’m happy now 🙂
gtg installing 2 new games I just got 😀



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