My AGP is screwed :(


just a small update here.
My Geforce Fx 5200 AGP card is dead 😐 I dunno how the hell it happened ! it was working fine and suddenly …… its no more 😦 I mean I dont even play games over it….but… HOW ???

anyways, its still under warranty so i’ll get it replaced πŸ™‚

umm, anyone has any idea abt BIG’s policy? What will they do? is it Repair or Replace or just replace? will I get a new card or they will try to repair this?

see you soon!

[i’ve bunked college today. thats why writing this at this time :p]



  1. I dont what happened to it. it wasnt oc’ed..i didnt stress it too much. oh well… what kinda stress my mm2 can give? i keep my cabinet open so i dont think it was heat… it just started giving weird displays. when plugged in it shows white vertical lines all over the monitor! win xp/linux doesnt load after loading screen 😦

    havent given it back to the vendor. have 1 year left of warranty. will return it tomm. hope i’ll get it replaced within a week πŸ™‚

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