whewwwwwwww ! back !!

Hey !

i’m back !!
that was really boring trip to Sholapur 😐
I left Ratnagiri on 1st january… very first day of my 2mbps and 2.5gb/month plan… but i was in bus at that night 😦
in Sholapur… I used 3 words hell lot of times… 1]crap 2]$hit 3]yaaaaak !
damn! i just hate that city 😐

i had nothing to do thr.. thr was a pc [P41.7 on 845 with 256 MB ram] but… what is the use of pc without internet? :d and those crap speakers of Yamaha…. yaaaaaaaaak !

I wanted to leave that place on Tuesday…but… my aunt didnt allow me :((

anyways finally here… after 10 hours in that crap ST bus….+ 2kms of left-right-left-right [from stop to home]….

i missed my yahoo buddies [not all hee hee]…i missed chip-india forum and i missed MY PC 😦 and not not to forget… i missed my 2mbps bradband alot :d

i’m tired………… going to bed…. Good Night πŸ™‚



  1. Some how, I hate going to new cities myself. I always prefer Bangalore. Every other city (except an exception, Mysore) looks like its filled with garbage in every corner. 😐

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